Tuesday, August 19, 2003

back: from where my future governeror is hopefully not from.

we have spent the last four days talking like Arnold... well more like me setting up the joke and my dad and brother talking like arnold. we have done it so much they dont even sound like arnold any more and I think that we are ready to to a full bit with out any laughing... which you have to imagine is quite difficult considering is took us three days of arnold b4 it stopped being hilarious; now we know its funny, but we dont laough anymore.

tonight I was going to bed and i thought, "now that I am back in belgium I can check my email," but the computor was turned off and I was sleepily lying in bed. But be fore I knew it I was getting up and hoping my friends`comptor didn`t have a password I would´nt be able to get past thus making the whole effort in vain. upside: I met a friend online who I hadn´t spoken to in a while. But I also had the dissapointment of not hearing back from a friend who at once seemed so eager to keep intouch-- but that made no matter. the first experience over powered the later and I was glad that I had gotten out of bed. I like good ppl. and I like good ppl who make good cookies.... and who do cool things like go to law school.

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