Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


OK I know, it is all the craze right now and this is going to be a really boring post to say the least.

I bought one newpaper paper. I looked at the websites. I thought I would try Walmart first. I had 10 things on my list of things to get, I ended up with 3. One brand wasn't carried at my Walmart, one thing was out, one coupon didn't work the way the websites said, I decided to wait on one thing, and they didn't have the right size of another thing, etc.

If you do the math I saved 66% or I only had to pay 34 % of the original price. This statistic makes couponing look really good.

So now lets see what I bought:
Rotel Sauce: only $.18 since Walmart doubles coupons on Tuesdays
Lil' Entree by Gerber: $1.00 with a dollar off coupon
Travel Size Toothpatse: I actually earned $.03 with a dollar off coupon
Total price (before tax): $1.15

Now after looking at what I bought, it doesn't really seem worth it, does it? I can see how having multiple coupons would give you more of an advantage, but still. hmmmmm My jury is still out.

We'll see how I feel when I try using some diaper coupon strategies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A few months back it was decided that we really wanted to go camping. We have been saying over and over that we want to go camping and we never do it. SO...... we started looking for places to go. Of course we had to go when school was out, which means spring break, this also meant all the "cool" places were taken. So we just kinda looked around, we wanted it to be more south so it wouldn't be snowing or something, and we found vacancies at ESCALANTE STATE PARK.

I didn't know what I was getting. They have the nicest camp bathrooms I have ever seen, they get cleaned everyday and they have showers.... on top of that... they have free wi-fi.

For the record, I actually haven't used the wi-fi, except to the check the weather till now. I have really enjoyed being away from technology. Soeji, however, was NOT liking the wind in the tent or outside so I am sitting in the car with her while everyone else is hiking upper calf creek falls.

Yesterday we went to Devils Garden which was definitely the most cool thing I saw. Below is "Meta Arch." I think.

So we got to camp. LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V Day

Love my husband.
Love Soeji.
Love having my sister around.
Love my family.
Love my in-laws.
Love my dogs.
Love my job.
Love my friends.
Love my extended family.
Love where I live.
Love the kids I teach.
Love the clients I take care of.
Love how warm it has been these last few days.
Love it when my house is clean (maybe it will be clean again someday).
Love the kids I taught last year (still).
Love driving a mini van (borrowed from parents).

Happy Valentines Day.... yesterday. Note Soeji is wearing a Valentines Day appropriate shirt.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


My sister has moved into our 910 square foot condo. THANK GOODNESS. I really needed the help with Soeji. Because she moved in with us, my mom bought some furniture so that she could have a place to store her things. THANK GOODNESS. I already had in mind what I wanted: MALM collection stuff from IKEA. The only thing with Ikea is that you have to put the furniture together. Normally this isn't a problem because Andy loves to put the furniture together. Unfortunately, Andy and I both had lessons we needed to get done for today, leaving Tasha, my sister, to take care of the baby and no one to build the dresser and nightstand my mom had purchased for us. Tom, Andy's brother, happened to be in town last night, however, and I implored him to help. And he did. THANK GOODNESS. I am so grateful for all the help of my family.