Tuesday, October 04, 2011


OK I know, it is all the craze right now and this is going to be a really boring post to say the least.

I bought one newpaper paper. I looked at the websites. I thought I would try Walmart first. I had 10 things on my list of things to get, I ended up with 3. One brand wasn't carried at my Walmart, one thing was out, one coupon didn't work the way the websites said, I decided to wait on one thing, and they didn't have the right size of another thing, etc.

If you do the math I saved 66% or I only had to pay 34 % of the original price. This statistic makes couponing look really good.

So now lets see what I bought:
Rotel Sauce: only $.18 since Walmart doubles coupons on Tuesdays
Lil' Entree by Gerber: $1.00 with a dollar off coupon
Travel Size Toothpatse: I actually earned $.03 with a dollar off coupon
Total price (before tax): $1.15

Now after looking at what I bought, it doesn't really seem worth it, does it? I can see how having multiple coupons would give you more of an advantage, but still. hmmmmm My jury is still out.

We'll see how I feel when I try using some diaper coupon strategies.

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