Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V Day

Love my husband.
Love Soeji.
Love having my sister around.
Love my family.
Love my in-laws.
Love my dogs.
Love my job.
Love my friends.
Love my extended family.
Love where I live.
Love the kids I teach.
Love the clients I take care of.
Love how warm it has been these last few days.
Love it when my house is clean (maybe it will be clean again someday).
Love the kids I taught last year (still).
Love driving a mini van (borrowed from parents).

Happy Valentines Day.... yesterday. Note Soeji is wearing a Valentines Day appropriate shirt.


Juliette said...

Cute post, cute photo! (You're a mom! That's so weird. I guess the idea will take some getting used to. I didn't get used to the idea of me being one until Averi was like six or seven.)

Tozansha said...

So cute! Love your recent posts! Love to hear from you! Love you all!