Tuesday, February 08, 2011


My sister has moved into our 910 square foot condo. THANK GOODNESS. I really needed the help with Soeji. Because she moved in with us, my mom bought some furniture so that she could have a place to store her things. THANK GOODNESS. I already had in mind what I wanted: MALM collection stuff from IKEA. The only thing with Ikea is that you have to put the furniture together. Normally this isn't a problem because Andy loves to put the furniture together. Unfortunately, Andy and I both had lessons we needed to get done for today, leaving Tasha, my sister, to take care of the baby and no one to build the dresser and nightstand my mom had purchased for us. Tom, Andy's brother, happened to be in town last night, however, and I implored him to help. And he did. THANK GOODNESS. I am so grateful for all the help of my family.

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