Thursday, October 16, 2003

I don't think I have ever seen an apartment with more stress than ours this week. But for whatever reason this is really effecting our sleeping habits.

Monday Morning at 6:30:
me: "rach don't you have class in 30 min?"
Rach: "yeah"
"don't you need to get up?"
"I am going to skip today."
me: "ok that is fine."

Tues morning 8:40
me: "rach don't you have class in 20 min?"
rach: "yeah... I am not going to go today... I haven't missed this class yet and we can miss once."
me: "ok"

12:00 noon Tuesday
elizabeth: "eddie I slept in till 11:00 today and missed my office hours, my boss called, she was mad."
me: " oh honey at least it was just office hours."
elizabeth: "but this is the week they get to look at their tests."
me: "well I suppose it could have been worse."

Wed. morning
"rach you have class!"
"yeah ok I'm up."

Thurs. Morning ten min to 9:00
"rach don't you have class in 10 min?"
"oh no, can't miss this one I am going to be late."
elizabeth: "you guys, I have American heritage lab in 5 min... and I can't miss this, can any one drive me?"
me:"it could be worse right?"
elizabeth: "no this is where I teach them... this stuff is on the test... it's like a regular class."
(I guess things got worse)

well all my roommates got off to school. I drove them to campus. 20 min later.....
me: "hello?"
"EDDIE, it's jade." (my married friend who lives about two blocks away)
"what do you need?"
"can you drive me up to school?"

IT'S OFFICAIL!!! we are having morning wake up calls. NO one is waking up to their alarms. This whole situation has really given me a lot of amusement. I can't help but laugh.

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