Tuesday, April 06, 2004

If I had my way I would like shopping and I would have lots of money in which to do it with. but as it stands I don't really like it all that much and well you know how money is-- it doesn't grow on trees. I find the only things I really enjoy wearing are the things which fit me well and feel nice, unfortunately that means it's either from the banana republic or the DI. Strange no? and at the same time with this weight fluctuation, I am getting really annoyed because one day all my clothes are too big and the next day they are all small-- go figure. let's get down to the real issue at hand. I am helping our mayor run for state assembly-- an internship deal. Which means I generally dress nicer to the office, now I am not exactly a "dressy" kinda girl every day. I mean, I enjoy it on Sundays and maybe an occasional date or "hang out," but please I can't last more than 4 hours in nice things. Yesterday I showed up to work looking nice, as usual. I only work in the mornings so the clothes issue wasn't a big deal. But I ended up needing to be at work a lot longer than the morning and since I was out of it already, during my lunch break I went home and changed into--jeans, t-shit, tennies and a scarf around my curly bush. No one said a single thing. I was amazed. I mean an hour before I was wearing something totally suited for an office and then I wasn't. Did no one find this weird??

conclusion: in the real world people pretend not to be surprised or show any emotion for that matter-- then they talk about it later. Best not let people know how you really feel : )

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