Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yesterday my phone rang.
“hello Kirsten,” it’s my uncle I thought. He and my aunt Sharon are trying to squeeze in dinner tonight before I leave Utah tomorrow to go back home.
“yeah,” I replied
“this is Steve Edlefsen.” The proper phone etiquette could not be mistaken; it was indeed not my uncle, but my dad. “You know Kirsten, when you left the other day I thought you were just going to work, but um, I guess you went to Utah.” Now don’t start thinking that I went off to another state with out telling my father, even though I know that is something I might do, it wasn’t the case this time. “So did you do everything you needed to get done? Well, I guess your coming back tomorrow then. Ok lets just catch up tomorrow. See you tomorrow. Bye!”
I was stunned. Did that just happen? For every normal person, that might be perfectly, for lack of a better word, normal. For my dad??? He is officially the most random human being I have ever met. I mean you thought maybe he might have called me once or twice while at college. No He has called me only to return my “urgent calls.” I mean I was on vacation in Utah I was only there 10 days. Is it possible he missed me? Ok I better stop before I get weepy.
The rest of the night before I came home was great. To my utter disappointment, my tonsils were killing me and movie making just wasn’t going to happen because of it. But I did get to hear my friends play guitar. And I met someone who was passionate about making a difference, just like me.
I was greeted by the cutest dog in the world today and played with her till she decided I wasn’t as fun as sniffing areas of my parents’ dogs. All in all it was a great homecoming, but sad to leave. I wasn’t sad to leave the last time, I was sick in everyway possible and as much as I hate Provo I think I am ready to brave it again in the end of June. I will miss my job and family, but as I am been signing all week. Life goes on.

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