Friday, January 28, 2005

nerd-type admiration

At times like these I really have nothing to say. I need to be inspired in order to write. I recently read a blog whose reader was a little upset at the low frequency of blogging going on among her friends—DEAL is what I have to say about that. If you really wanted to know how we were doing you would call or even email. Ha- Ha Ha Ha take that. But considering she is one of the people who comments on a regular basis (which makes me feel good about myself) maybe I should appease her…

I was reading another of my friend’s blogs who put my question over a current infatuation into expressible terms: is it the real-type love or a nerd-type admiration? My TA is amazing. How could one not fall in love with this TA? He teaches statistical programs with such comedic grace and he gives clear explanations of home work problems. He is really smart and ambitious, he wants to be a professor someday…. Ahh the wife of a professor… Sure he is a balding red head with a pot belly and a lazy eye, I think it’s cute. If only TA’s were allowed to date their students. He and I could talk about statistics and political science we could do wonderful research together… Alas I am sure the son of the dean is not one to break many rules—his father would find out too quickly.

I sit behind my computer during lab smiling and laughing at his jokes. I keep telling myself it is only nerd-type admiration, but every time I see him I grin openly and my stomach does flips.

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