Thursday, April 28, 2005

The poor house:

Let’s be honest, I am nowhere near poor. I am still able to grab an occasional bite to eat out of the home. I don’t buy the cheapest bread. I haven’t given up driving my car. But this year has had its toll on my finances.

1st I backed into a really short poll (in the PT) during the summer, which caused a nice bump that needed to be fixed.

2nd I got a HUGE speeding ticket going home to CA. This has cured me of speeding, but made a huge hole in my pocket.

3rd I bought and paid cash for my first (used) car.

4th I bought a pet. She is an assisting therapy dog. (Yes I am talking about Tallulah—FYI her barking is actually a good thing b/c it warns me when people are coming in and out of the house and lets me know I am protected— though she probably does it a little too much. She has other characteristics that go along with the therapy process as well.)

5th and the biggest issue is I have been doing internships. This means I make $0 an hour. Any savings I have disappears at an astronomical rate. Don’t you just love college? You pay money to go to school and then you either don’t get paid or have to pay to get “experience.” Geez!! It’s like the whole apprentice thing from the dark ages, only worse.

Life has been a little expensive. So I thought I would finally get rid of some the nice clothes I have been holding onto in hopes of fitting back into them sometime soon (I’ve had this hope for the past year). Since the nice clothes I have are from banana republic and are in really good condition, I decided to sell them to Plato’s Closet. Can you believe that I only got $11.30 for a blouse and a pair of trousers?? You know how much they go for at BR???? Gosh! I guess they have to make a profit somehow. At least now I can go get a haircut (at pual mitchell the school). Ahhhh luxuries of the poor house. I LOVE IT!!

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