Friday, September 16, 2005

Skipping class

Well monday I really didn't feel like going to my first two classes. On wed. I ran into Steve Hernandez and missed my last class. Today is friday and I am trying to make/ convince myself to go to my last class.

This is a very bad sign! we are three weeks into the semester and I have already given up on reading and class. today I neglected to hand in an assignment (it's ok I can drop it). Part of this is because I am tired. For some reason it dosn't matter what time I go to bed the night before, I am tired the next day if I don't sleep until 6:30 or 7. This causes a problem because I usually need to be on campus by 7 to do the homework for the day.

5:00 AM I woke up and took my dogs to the park, then made it to school by 7:15.

this is a boring blog, but like I said. I am tired and I don't want to go to class. maybe some chocolate will cheer me up.


Nessa said...

Having a man is EXHAUSTING.

Chester B. said...

I made Ali get bad grades when we were first dating...

Hang in there!

Tozansha said...

haha, is it because of the man as they say?
I have lots of problem with being tired too and the thing that works for me is a strict schedule of sleeping. Get to bed at the same hour, wake up at the same hour. And I found out that waking up at 6 or earlier is not good for me. Do you have classes that start at 7?? Oh my goodness! Our classes only start at 8:30 but they probably last longer?
Hey Girl, I'm coming to the USA!!!
Hang in there!

Nama said...

i feel ya. i didn't go to my last class on thursday. cuz i was tired after spending 4 hours in the anatomy lab.

man, school sucks.

Emily Allan said... are describing me last 6 years of college. Lol..i mean....yah. The worst that could happen is you barely pass your classes and graduate. Right?