Monday, October 31, 2005


I used to love the Pippi long stockings movie. I really really did. you remeber when she goes over the water fall in a barrel and skates around the house on srub brushes to clean? So I was rather pleased today when I realized I might be able to make a Pippi-like costume for my self. what are you for halloween?


Chester B. said...

I'm a geek for Halloween (and every other day of the week too).

:), I'd like to see your Pippi suit!

kat said...

yes! i love when she lifts the horse over her head. fantastic special effects.

Nama said...

i loved that movie, too! & you'd make a cute pipi, methinks.

Emily Allan said...

Lol..i totally forgot about that movie! Now I am having longstalking withdrawals. I must see it again!
I am being me for Halloween. I have no desire to dress up after the last PAM incident two years ago.

Nessa said...

a baby herder

Tiff said...

I love that movie!
I didn't dress up because I was working on homework all night.
My roommates dressed up as the metro though. One dressed all in blue, one all in red, and one all in green (the blue, red, and greenline respectively) then taped the stops on their bodies. It was hilarious.