Monday, September 10, 2007

Iguanas and service

Some things to me are simply amazing. Like the Lady who helped my mom on her website. She volunteered to help my mom do it. She also took a lot of pictures for my mom with her amazing camera. She did it just to help out. This same women is dedicated to helping iguanas. She helps the IRCF and is involved in her local chapter to rescue and help iguanas. Now I never pictured my self ever caring about a lizard, but through her love for my mom I love iguanas and am willing to help them in any small way I can.

At work people are willing to show me things I don't understand-- they don't leave me to struggle and find out for my self. I monitor the people at work, like as a job, and they are helping each other figure out problems with in our office. It just makes me so happy. Sometimes people see a need and fulfill it, other times all you have to do is ask and someone is more than willing to lend a hand. If only we could take these attitudes and apply them in every aspect of our lives.
Example: instead of calling the lady who is taking a long time at the light a “Hoe” enjoy, the sun and the song that is playing through your MP3 player. Besides we've all been guilty of driving the way someone else would prefer we didn't drive. And the less negativity we succumb to, the better life is.

I am just so grateful. It seems like most people really do want to help people and animals.


Chester B. said...


How are the Iguanas in danger?
Just curious.


Tiff said...

Hey - off topic from your blog, but it just occured to me I haven't told you lately that I love you dearly...because I do. =)

Eddie the Girl said...

The usual, the natural habitats are taken over so they have no where to live. People think it will be cool to have an iguanna for a pet, sometimes buy it from a shady source, decide they don't want it, they get abandond, etc. etc. etc.

Emily Allan Wood said...

I agree 100%. I think being grateful is one of the keys to happiness and peace. P.S. I live in Elizabeth Teamus's home town!

Elizabeth and Russ said...

Hi! I am actually answering your question that you left on our blog. We aer visiting Oct 20-27 so we should definately get together then!