Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My mom said...

Not getting emotional is the key to disagreeing. If you get emotional then you send a negative message (or a judgmental message). Also not getting stubborn about your point of view. If you get stubborn you come across as arrogant--not good. If you are gentle about your disagreement then the other person can absorb the message and not the arrogance.

My mom says that I am good at disagreeing with other people b/c I follow those rules.
I think my mom is good at being a disagreed with, she listens and followes the same rules.

we make a good pair :)


Chester B. said...

I agree. ;)

Ellen said...


I'm a Belgian friend of Dennis and Aki:-) I found the link to your blog through theirs, and I read this post... Just wanted to express my appreciation for you and your mom... These are beautiful 'rules' to live by! Thanks for sharing:-)