Monday, March 24, 2008


1) 4 jobs I have had: UVSC testing center, Kinkos, Seagull book, Usher at BYU football stadium
2) 4 movies I have seen:(lately) Mad Money, Enchanted, August Rush, Madness of King Goeorge
3) 4 places I've been: London, China, Barcelona, NY
4) Places I've lived: El Segundo, CA, Belgium, Utah Valley
5) 4 tv shows I watch: Monk on DVD, American Idol (if I happen to be at my in-laws at the right time) and acutally we don't have TV so that is it.
6) Radio stations I listen to: NPR, Last-FM, Andy's MP3 player
7) 4 favorite foods: Ice Cream, Costa Vida, Gyros, Grilled Chicken
8) 4 places I'd rather be: I'll try anything as long as Andy's there
9) 4 things I enjoy doing: Reading, Playing with my nephews and neice, watching my dogs play, seeing my family

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Emily said...

Whats Costa Vida? Sounds interesting....