Friday, April 04, 2008

Cannibal and Calvin.

Cannibal Preist
here is an example of one of Andy's pieces for his art show this month. anyone one who wants a chance at being my best friend will support him by attending. I have been stressed this last week about him finishing it. Stressed about him getting it to look good and stressed about people actually getting there at some point to see it.
I've also been stressed about this project I've known about for a week, but just couldn't start b/c I was scared about how hard it would be. My teacher wants us to animate a Calvin and Hobbes strip in flash. seeing as I've only used flash ONCE and I have to recreate each part of the figures digitally so that I can move them individually, I AM SCARED STIFF I've only finished half of the first cartoon frame and that is only the head and it's due on Sunday. Looks like Calvin and Conference will be combined this year. Here's to procrastination.


Juliette said...

Good luck with your project! Sounds stressful.

If I go to the show I'll get a chance at becoming your best friend? Promise??

Emily said...

Ugh. Animating in flash is a lot of work. How did it go? Are you going to post your animation? I would like to see some of your projects. They sound cool!

Michelle and Matthew Williams said...

I got the invite to Andy's show. Thanks for including me! I am sorry I can't make it (probably not a surprise). I am sure you are so proud of your man. Congrats to Andy!