Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digital Media Class

I had to do a trailer for a pretend movie. The one below has some sound issues

the link below has better sound, but visual kinks. I ran ot of time. I give up.

click here

thanks everyone who helped.


Emily said...

Did you do this in Flash? Looks good!

Ann-Marie said...

that looks awesome! is it based on a true story? i wanna know what happened!

Tozansha said...

I love it!! If I can critique just a little bit... when the people start talking,the music disapears just for a few seconds and I think it should have run through like in the other parts. On the end the talking parts became too long so I think you could have kept that shorter. But I love the music choise and I love how you change from them talking to pictures and maps with moving dots!
Should I fly out to Utah to come and watch this movie on premiere night??

I think you're so awesome!!

Spliz said...

hey, I wanna know what happened!

Juliette said...

This really turned out. Way to go!

The Stromberg Epic said...

That was so cool! You will make another, right?