Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Inspired by Julie***

( Lichtenstein's "Girl Crying")

Inopportune moments of Crying. we've all had them.

when I was younger I was a geyser. No one knew when it would go off.

1. I was in 4th grade for my first play. I was in a group with 6th graders. But we interacted a lot with high school students who were the Leads of the play. My director was chastising the high school kids and I couldn't handle it I let go. Left the room. Apparently I did this on a few occasions b/c I was one of two who were named "crying queens."
2. I remember crying in sunday school once and my teacher asked me if I was crying b/c I was embarrassed that my hair was wet ( I always went to church with wet hair). What kind of weird comment is that? of course I cried a lot in Sunday school. many plan of salvation lessons ended with me in tears.
3. I cried during my employee evaluation at kinkos... and a lot of other times.
4. I used to cry when I saw the beach after my surfboard broke from falling off the roof of my car.
5. I cried after ballet once. why?
6. I cried a lot when I talked to teachers one on one, heck I cried during class and between class too.
8. "your hair is green" (from swimming) I cried.
9. "hey Kirsten, save the whales." I cried
10. "Kirsten your talking too much," said the teacher. I cried.

But then I don't cry when it makes sense to.
1. I don't cry while bearing my testimony, I cry before
2. I did not cry when I got married
3. I did not cry when Andy proposed
4. I did not cry when a customer screamed at me for 30 min at kinkos (it was really really really bad. other customer's at the store actually started fighting the screaming customer for me)
5. I never cried of home sickness while in Belgium

*** Julie also puts cool pictures next to her blogs and it makes them soo much more interesting.


Emily said...

excellent entry. i didnt know you were so sensitive... :)

Juliette said...

Lol, you're as bad as me. (o;

Jeff, on the other had, is completely different. It took 10 years of marriage before he finally cried (at his grandpa's funeral). Before that, I was beginning to wonder if he would even cry at my own funeral!

Dennis said...

haha - you're awesome. What about when you see a feel-good movie ? :-)
I cried my eyes out with Juno the other day. Sssht.. don't tell anyone. Shoot - it's a public blog. Tee hee.

Tozansha said...

LOL, love your blog!
I keep it all in and then burst out in a cry-hour at some point... I think spreading it out is way healthier! ;o)

Love ya!