Friday, May 16, 2008

to: cyberspace

to: cyberspace
from: a loyal fan
it's sad, but sometimes I still seem to judge my self on what i am good at, what I do and who I know--as in how many "friends" I have. blogging and facebook have become my life outside of Andy, frostbite/Lula, and Andy's family. because what I "do" is blog and go on face book I CLEARLY want to be good at it, b/c being good at things makes me feel better about my self. So I find my self thinking:
"ugh the pictures she posts on her blog are so much more artsy than mine"
"they were able to program their own lay out, why can't I do that?"
"i've sooo been blogging longer then them."
"i know more people commented when I was single."
"she is sooo good at writing interesting blogs. what is her secret."

so cyberspace, please make me feel better about myself.


Anonymous said...

To loyal fan:
I think you are doing just fine!

Love, Cyberspace

Juliette said...

I personally enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them. So keep 'em coming!

Emily W. said...

I so wish I had the designer gene and the "I can make kickbutt CSS designs for my website" skills, but I don't have them. It sucks. Even thought I should theoretically be good at it, my blog websites are designed with blah. I feel your pain.
You totally write a good blog, and I love it when you update. I wish you would do it more often.

Eddie the Girl said...

oh thanks for helping me in my self pity guys. thanks.

Emily W. said...

no problem? Lol...

Dennis said...

I love each and every one of your blogs, because they're so you and I love you too :-)

keep writing, buddy.


Tim Jungbluth said...




Hi fan, [cr]
I am not perfikt.[cr]
As a matter a fact;[cr]
You do far better than I do...[cr]
Actually, since I******