Friday, June 13, 2008

10 reasons why having an unemployed husband rocks!!

1. the dishes are always done
2. the laundry is always done
3. the house is clean
4. the weeds have been pulled
5. I don’t have to do the grocery shopping
6. I get all the attention I want
7. he makes dinner
8. he uses less gas, b/c he isn’t driving back and forth to work and such
9. we don’t have conflicting schedules
10. I can have lazy days vicariously through him.


Tozansha said...

awesome! That's the life girl!! Too bad we need money to survive in this world! Or you just have to start making enough money for the both of you!

Juliette said...

That's the spirit! Look on the bright side! Lol. I hope he finds a job soon for the sake of your sanity. (o;

Emily A. W. said...

I wish my husband did all that when he was unemployed. Your husband rocks!

alysha said...

WOW!! lucky you!

Eddie the Girl said...

you all rock.

the Escobars said...

i love you eddie! i can relate with the husband not ernesto is...but for at least a month he wasn't...and other than no extra cash for sure is nice to have the hubby around...being married is awesome...especially when it is all about working together for happiness.