Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Once upon a time... like 5 years ago.... I worked for a Youth Volleyball League. I was in charge of the Provo/Orem league. Basically I would go to practice and help set up nets, check kids in, make sure no one killed themselves etc. I was paid really well for it too. So along with my position, there was a Clinician/Volleyball Instructor. His job was to go around to the different teams and help the coaches and players use correct volleyball form, etc. I was just there to be there, he was the one with the volleyball knowledge. Ok, ok, I had taken two volleyball classes at BYU recently, but still the clinician played on college teams, he really knew how to play. So you can imagine my discomfort when he didn't show up for the last part of the season (no phone call or anything) and I was left trying to make excuses to parents... parents who had payed for their children to be in this league. You can also imagine why I might have mentioned something to my boss about his absences.

So guess who they just hired at my current job?

My reaction:
1. Totally surprised-- in a not good way.
2. "Oh crap I have to work with a total FLAKE now."
3. Prayer to God: "Please make me forget about my feelings about this guy from before. Please forgive me for holding hard feelings over something so small for so long. Please help me to act normal around this guy. Please don't let this guy hate me for narking on him about not showing up to work."
4."Awe man! I've gained so much weight since then. Why couldn't he be balding or something?"


Dennis said...

haha, what a surprise ! Hope you can *just let it go*.


The Stromberg Epic said...

Good luck with that one Eddie. That would be a hard one to over look. If I were you and the right time comes along, I would open it up for discussion with him to see why he was such a flake. Who knows maybe there will be a very valid reason as to why. Knowing you, all will go well however it is handled.

Eddie the Girl said...

thanks. I needed that advice.

Juliette said...

Lol, I know exactly what you mean about number four...What a funny coincidence! That reminds me of when my mean boss at Rocky Mountain Drive Inn became my co-worker at Robert's. Anyway, good luck with that. (o;

Tim Jungbluth said...

Iew... that's an ackward situation indeed...

How's it going in the meantime?
He's there, what... 2 weeks now?

Have you succesfully ignored him?

Eddie the Girl said...

well.... I got over it. you know sometimes the antisipation of things is way worse (or more exciting) then the thing it self.

Eddie the Girl said...