Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"A Walk to Beautiful"

Andy and I no longer have a TV, just a computer(s). We weren’t watching TV because the temptations we have to 1) spend hours in front of it wasting time 2) watch things we really don’t feel are appropriate. These are things we, in our ideals, don’t approve of, but with our human nature get drawn into anyway. So when we got our new computer, we gave our TV away—there just wasn’t room for it and a computer can serve as a perfectly good DVD player. We definitely read a lot more because we don’t have TV, until of course we got Netflix.

Netflix has a feature that I love: instant movies. This means if you have a Netflix subscription that you can watch certain movies from your PC instantly, you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. This has definitely made my Netflix subscription worth it! Although I don’t read as much, I still read more than I would if I had a TV, and boy do I take advantage of the instant movies. The other night I wasn’t quite ready for bed so started to watch “Dr. Dolittle” (1967), a movie I remember watching as a child. When I was tired I just turned it off and went to bed. Netflix saves the spot I stopped at so I can go back later and resume where I left off. I think it’s great.

So last night I had a really good handle on my homework so I decided to watch an instant movie. That is where I found “A Walk to Beautiful.” Documentaries can do such and amazing job of helping you feel compassion for other people. If there is something my heart longs to do, it is to love and "A Walk to Beautiful" helps me love women all the way in Ethiopia. This brings me to learn more about Ethiopia and be concerned for what is happening there. Did you know they are currently having a famine? Did you know there are Ethiopian forces in Somalia? I saw an article on the internet that said there are Ethiopian troops in Somalia because, this is America’s 3rd front in the War on Terror.

I don’t really have a conclusion to this, these are just my thoughts.


Juliette said...

Cool. I'm glad you are enjoying Netflix. I have been neglecting my dvds lately because I'm too busy reading the Twilight series and working on my own novel.

I didn't know that about Ethiopia. It's good to know, so I can be praying for the people there.

And it's great that you finally blogged! It's about time! (o;

Emily A. W. said...

I love the Netflix watch instantly deal. I've been watching movies on my LCD TV and its GREAT!

Kudo's for getting rid of the TV since you knew it was causing problems. A lot of people don't have the courage to do so. :)

Dennis said...

I would get a Netflix subscription in a second. Too bad they don't send dvd's over to Belgium.

I don't have a TV either, but it's a lot more admirable that you guys just threw it out. Once you go cable, it's hard to go back. :D

Tozansha said...

Ethiopia has been having a famine for a long time as well as Somalia. I remember being in elementary school and writing letters for these poor children in Somalia. I did not know about the political issues though but a lot of Africa is entangled in tribe wars and civil wars so it doens't really surprise me.
Netflix is the best isn't it?! Ever since I picked up knitting, I'm watching a lot less tv! Reading?! Ugh, still don't get to that although I have a couple of really interesting books on my nightstand.
Now don't get distracted by all the addicting things going on on the internet like facebook and blogspot etc. LOL