Monday, January 05, 2009


Some people were asking what classes I was taking this semester. All of them seem pretty pertinent which makes me pretty excited!! Although I have no idea what Foundations of American Education is going to be about.... this post is not too exciting so I won't be offended if no one comments.

Last Semesters Classes:

Educational Psychology: interesting... I really want to learn more!

Curriculum Design: this is how you write a lesson plan....

Social Studies (little kids history) Methods: blah blah blah (not my favorite class)

Classroom Management I-- get kids to do what you say

Educational Technology -- learn about technology so you don't look like a dufus to the 10 year olds who know more about it that you do.

Creative Arts-- fun fun fun!!! infuse the ARTS into teaching!! we had a whole day where we did dancing activities and another whole day were we did art activities and we got to learn songs we could teach our kids.

This Semesters Classes:

Science Methods: write lesson plans for science subjects

Literacy Methods I: teaching kids to read?

Language Arts (literature) Methods: write lesson plans

Foundations of Bilingual ESL (english as a second language) Classroom: NO HABLO ESPANO. Lo siento. aprende Ingles por favor!! although spanish isn't the only language that may be spoken in a potentail classroom I wish I spoke it.

Foundations of American Education----right because ours is so amazing?

Classroom Management II-- get kids to do what you say and fear you (JK).

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II -- all the ways to ways to add, multiply, subtract, etc.


Juliette said...

Your classroom management class may come in handy when you have your OWN kids one day.

Tozansha said...

So did you get your internship?!?

Mrs. Bean said...

i don't interview till feb 20th.... and I find out that same day.