Tuesday, July 15, 2003

my nightmare that came true:
Driving in a car with people you don't know well. All the sudden they pop in a cd and you have to listen to Journey at a high volume along with their singing. Did I mention the windows were rolled down? They dramatically sing the love song; fists clenched and close to their heart. You cover your ears and slowly start to put your head between your legs.

I really was as polite as I could've been and would have been able to bear it had they not been playing it so loudly. I think they failed to realize that music is a lot louder to people in the back of a car when speakers are in back.

Part of the Conversation
The guy in the car says something to the effect of, that was the only good thing you have in your collection. then the girls says oh I have better music at home. Then he said yeah you don't have a lot of "good" music here with you.
My reaction:
what is "good" music by your definition? I highly doubt I would trust the opinion of a guy who blasts JOURNY in a car and somehow can also sing with such feeling at the same time.

happy side:
I am so greatful for the variety of music we have here in the US it makes me really apprechiate the good stuff.

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