Friday, August 29, 2003

I did a play once where we took journal writings from all the students in my drama teachers' english classes and made monolougs and stuff from them. We all developed a character through real words and feelings of "the youth" at that time. Of course the characters we made were very much extensions of our selves. I played a girl who didn't want to grow up and was revolting against having the pressures of choosing a future. I carried around a purse the whole time filled with toys that I would play with while the other characters were talking. Just before the we started having run throughs my director gave us all another monolouge... I just about peed my pants-- it was something I had written.

THe staging of the last scene we did symbolized in a lot of ways how universal a lot of our concerns etc were-- I think most people just thought it was just a weird scene. moral of the play: We've got high and low points, but we are all in this together. Some people really got the hint and maybe even thought about it for a min after the play was over. If anything it certainly stripped me of all I had--- I think this was a good thing.

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