Thursday, August 28, 2003

Ragna: My Host Sister from two years ago
Zeylan: the new exchange student staying with my host family; she is from turky
aki: my best friend in belgium and the person I am staying with in belgium

place: the store called HEMA in the cafetaria section, among all the rows of bras and underwear (i kid you not).
it's raining out side. It's somewhere around 3:00 pm. We are all kind of worn out and cranky.

Zeylan: was it hard to learn dutch when you came here?
me: If you put in the effort you can learn pretty fast.
Ragna: Kirsten acutally speaks better dutch now then she did two years ago.
my eye brows raised. I thought, "this girls has got to be crazy I know I spoke better then, I can't remember half the words I knew and I have forgotten a few sentance structures"
Aki: (in dutch so that that Zeylan didn't hear) No that isn't true. There is quite a difference beteen the way she spoke then and now. I am impressed she remebers so much after two years, but she spoke better just before she left two years ago.
Ragna: yeah, well she speaks a lot more in dutch now. I think she has said more to me in the past two days then she did the whole time she was here.
Aki: well, that is something totally different.

I guess I never realized how little I talked with my host family--- that should have been thier first warning sign that something was wrong. I mean me not talking is like a hamberger with no ketchup-- some people prefer it that way, but to most people that is kinda weird.

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