Sunday, August 24, 2003

today was a nice relaxing day... I got to go to church and let me tell you I love church. I am not kidding, I really miss it when I can't go. I can do ok with missing one week, but after two, it really starts to get to me. The weird thing qbout going to church here again was that it wasn't weird. It was just like I was there yesteday-- the people were still the same and a lot of the callings even.

I had a few people say "we thought you would have been back as a missionary by now." I kindly reminded them I was not yet of age and that there was still a possibility, "dont worry," I told them, "if I go on a mission, I'll let you know." It really was great to see all the church people again.

I have found, after my experience today, that it's the people I like most about Belgium. Sure the fries and waffels are good and they have different buildings and different opinions, but it isn't really that important-- it's the relationships that have been built. I didn't realize this till today when I was really able to interact with a lot of friends for the first time in since I have been back. But looking back over the last two weeks and my stay here two years ago, the memories with people are the things I think about most.

With people I have shared something with, their tends to be at least one simple picture in my head that sums very much up what were both were/maybe still are. Like take the infamous Steve for example: sitting on the burm looking out into the ocean and feeling perfectly comfotable and at peace. Or Kassi laying on the floor of her room, her head on my belly, laughing at some silly comment. These are memories which play on the slide show in my head.

I am definately "a people person." Nothing has proven that more to me then now.

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