Sunday, September 21, 2003

I haven't given a talk in church for two years and I have never had to give a lesson; I did both today. how do I feel? tired... totally and completely tired, but I think this can be traced back to adventures from friday.

Friday, Elizabeth (my adventurus roommate), two other friends and I headed up to Brighton ski resort to go camping. I was so excited b/c I really wanted to sleep in a tent, but because we only had acess to a 2 person and an 8 person tent we abandoned the idea :( But I was still excited! WE got up there and started to pack into the camping area in pitch dark (it was my fault I have a late friday class). I had a battery operated lantern wich provided enough light to get to the lake where we camping with few problems.

everything changed though when we decided to acutlly set up camp. WE didn't want to sleep by all the other people so we tried to find an unpopulated place near the lake. ok Lanterns arn't street lights and as much as I would >>>> uh oh gotta go to be continued....

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