Monday, September 22, 2003

>> as I would like to say we knew where we were going, we didn't. We ended up scaling these huge rocks to get down to the lake (packs and all). Because of the nature of one girls pack, I ended up bungee cording her bed roll to my pack plus I had a gallon of water and was trying to hold up a lantern. It was quite awkward. And when I say scale I mean we were really looking for hand holds and trying not to fall into the dark abyss. As we started to move around the lake to get to flat ground and a good place too sleep, we soon realized (after a splash) that the ground in front of us was indeed water. There was no where to go but back up... this time we were at a different part of the cliff like formation and it was a little trickier to find hand holds. We eventually made it up to the slanted meadow and dug a fire pit and made dinner.

In the middle of the night I managed to slip down the hill into a tree. My toes and tush were cold as ever and I kept waking up every 45 min hoping the sun would come up soon so I could be warm. At 7:00 I realized we were in a valley and it would take longer for the warm sun to hit our sleeping bags... frustrated, I got up and started to cook breakfast.

I could not believe how much fun I had. I think climbing the big rocks in the middle of the night was the most fun, but building a rotisserie out of sticks (to cook bread dough) and being able to think with out interruption and social pressure was Great. I want to go back next weekend, but I think the snow will probably be worse by then :(

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