Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I wish I could quote the right Greek philosopher when I explain this, but I can't, so I will paraphrase what my friend Bret taught me a few years ago.

there are three parts of Love: 1 caring, 2 friendship, 3 attraction. When you have all three that is I guess "true love," or something like that. Any way they should all kinda balance each other out.

Lets have some Examples,
1) some of you know the infamous Gordon. now I cared for him, partly because I felt bad for him, but none the less I cared. I there for loved him. But I was not his friend and I was not attracted.
-- NO True Love
2) there was a guy in my class named Oliver, we were friends b/c we could talk about poly sci. I haven't seen him in 6 months and don't care nor will I ever care and I was not attracted. I guess I loved him, but
--NO True Love
3) I am totally attracted to Brad Pitt (lets say), but I am not his friend nor do I care what happens to him.
-- NO true love

My theory is that most people date b/c they are attracted to the person, then as they continue to date they try to develop the other sides of the triangle. When it doesn't work out, at least one side (if not two) is totally lacking. We don’t want acute triangle relationships here people!!.

I have been through just about every combination of this triangle possible, but I think I mostly work backwards. But I like it this way I would much rather have a lot of good guy friends then a lot of broken relationships.

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