Friday, December 12, 2003

newest update in Eddie's life:
well guys, we all new I couldn't stay normal forever... I got sick on tues... and on wed... well lets just say night mares at this stage in the game are enough to set me emotionally off for the next couple of day... I think I am finally pulling out of it. But it is kinda cool to understand why I have been going crazy for the last couple of days : )

a little less depressing:
ways Eddie knows she is has lost weight and her “backwards” reactions to it: scale says so—(I generally don’t care what the scale says until I see results)
2. my doctor’s scale says so--- those things are pretty finicky and you know your roommates didn’t mess with them—yes lets celebrate
3. my favorite pants don’t fit any more :( (I only got to wear them for a year)
4. my baggy pants that I love fall off now and I had to throw them away (they are so worn out and have been patched so much even DI doesn’t want them)
5. I start to hate the fact that I ever thought loosing weight was a good idea when it means parting with friends that have been so loyal to me over the years…. You just don’t find pants like that every day!!!
6. I am forced to buy a new pair of pants
7. some of my shirts don’t fit the same any more—this is good right?… b/c now there is not a single question in my mind as to modesty and I already have out fits that look like my grandma… I’ll totally be saving money when I am 65.
8. my feet got skinnier… weird thing to notice, I know, but I am hyper sensitive about feet—in fact I really don’t like them and if loosing weight means I can change my opinion about my own feet this must be a good thing …. even if I had to throw out my pants…. I think
9. I haven’t gained it back in over 1.5 months… holy cow is this for real?
Bottom line is, I am packing around 12-14 pounds less then I was before—don’t worry I won’t be offended when you don’t notice if it weren’t for the fact that I had to buy new pants, I wouldn’t have

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