Wednesday, January 21, 2004

She has a very confident air about her, serious it’s almost as if she is focused all the time. She has high cheekbones and a brown shade of hair. I think her eyes are blue, they match her pale skin, skin that has never seen true sunlight. I think I found her twin here in real life. No the Matrix character isn’t my obsession, but I did watch the movie a lot. It was one of my favorites. I think I liked it b/c…. well it doesn’t really matter that is not my topic of discussion today. At the preschool I work at there is a mom who has this same description. She has a “pixie cut” which is different, but she wear cool glasses like Trinity does in the Matrix and has that same sort of style which says, “I am cool, don’t mess with me.” But at the same time just like Trinity she has a compassionate countenance. It makes me want to be like her. Trinity, the character, gets me totally enthralled I want to draw it and I think if I could draw I would and it would be a very therapeutic exercise. OK I had a little too much time to think today.

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