Thursday, June 17, 2004


"Alright Kirsten, all the plans are set. You will be in Vegas around 2 or so and then after your father has had his fun, you will proceed to Mesquite, spend the night there and arrive in Provo sometime around 11 on the next day. Got it?" my mom prodded

"Got it mom." now the average person upon hearing that my dad and I were stopping in Vegas for some "fun" would proceed to wink and nudge and tease sarcastically. And rightfully they should. Las Vegas is indeed sin city. It's fascinating to me that something so worthless can make so much money. By worthless I mean not necessary to our existence whatsoever. Meaning it provides thrills and momentary highs which for the most part don't help but hinder any sort of progress spiritually, socially, grammatically (have you ever heard a drunk man talk?) etc. but for the most part I am preaching to the choir and this is not the point of my blog anyway. Back to the trip:
after a long 5-5 hour drive to Vegas my dad and I park the car at, I think, the southern most hotel on the main strip. My dad and I entered the hotel and immediately he was enamored with the lights and the total exuberance of the place. He then proceeded to give me a lecture on something having to do with the decor and Las Vegas in general, at which point I tuned out, I had to stay focused.

"Come on Dad if we are going to hit up as many hotels as we can we better start now, where is the main casino?" we soon spotted the blinking lights, smoke smell, and dining of the slot machines at which point my dad's eye filled with excitement. He then put his finger tips together and muttered one word which summed it all up for him, "excellent." (obvious and purposeful allusion to the simpsons) Here we were standing on the frontier of pure filth (amazing how pretty hotels house such nasty things activities.) They had every thing you could dream of betting on, of course, and any kind of game you would want to play. We perused around, my dad very interested in the activity. We stopped at a roulette table to watch, then a craps table and then we spotted it, the greatness that we had come for, the slot machine coin cups. There they were sitting there by the cashier clean and ready to use. WE stared at them for a moment watching other people dumping their coins into their own hotel cup. We proceeded to the stack and took a particularly clean looking one and placed it in our nap sack and proceeded to the Exit. And there you have it folks my dad's obsession with slot machine coin cups was appeased, our kitchen cupboards are now full of about 20 new cups for any purpose you can imagine for them.

Up Date:
Day 6 back in Provo

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