Thursday, May 27, 2004

last day of work

these last three months working for Mike have really been great. I really liked working there. I can't believe I am leaving, I can't belive I am going back to utah. I can't belive half my day won't be spent in the office. I liked working in the office-- I spend more time with my boss LInda than I did with any friend I have around here, since I have been back. hmmmm She was really a mentor.

you want to know something weird though. I get really anxious when the other boss comes in the office. I feel like there are other people watching me-- I like can't handle it. And when that new intern came in-- I felt equally as aqward, like I had to entertain him or something. I couldn't focus with him standing there. ehhh weird.... good kid though.

today was the best day of work. I got to go out to lunch with Mike (the guy I am trying to put into office), Linda and Sandra and it was great. I like hearing what's going on. I like being part of the team... even though I am just an intern.

well two more weeks till Utah. Yeah it got pushed back a week because my ENT finally decided to take out the tonsils. a week from tomorrow I'll be under the knife. Scary.

Have great days kids

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