Friday, October 01, 2004

Daddy Daughter Dance

Caroline and Buck are married. How awesome! She and her brother both married off, the parents have no one left to worry about. phew. Well, the reception was fancy, way fancy. It was at a reception center in north Salt Lake, practically on top of a mountain. Very nice view, to say the least. There was a line to see the newly weds almost the whole time the reception was going. In the end they had to rush through the last of it so they could cut the cake. After the traditional cutting of the cake, there was the traditional daddy daughter dance. I have been to a few wedding receptions and this whole father daughter dance thing is totally beyond anything I understand. The nice music comes on and the father and bride dance and everyone watches. I really don’t see the point of it. Then it hit me – the only dance my dad does is the running man. Does this mean I am excused from the daddy daughter dance tradition? Maybe I’ll just put on some MC Hammer and we can all get our 80’s groove on (I’ll cite Emily Hansen on that one).

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