Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I am a sucker for home coming

I am a sucker for Home Coming.
Rolling your eyes and insulting the corny atmosphere that comes with pep rallies will not dissuade me. Listening to the Cougar Marching band play songs I couldn’t help smile and sing a long to “Celebrate good times...” and other favorites. I avidly watched the flag performers “do their thang,” and laughed when President Samulson made silly jokes. Indeed, the home coming devotional is a favorite of mine. I get transported back to the time when the spot lighted person lived. This year it was Edwin Hinkley—ever heard of a Hinkley scholar? I am also transported to the time when I was a cheerleader and performed at pep rallies and half time shows—despite the gossiping girls on my team, pep rallies were a lot of fun!

The essay was read and the music dance theater department performed. I heard several girls comment on their sudden desire to watch Newsies. I suppose boys in old school attire, leaping through the air, might make anyone want to do the same. I love it—plain and simple. Lets just hope my happiness wont be ruined when we play WY on sat : )

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