Saturday, December 04, 2004

In my defense…

In my defense…

I wrote a blog about a month ago on my friend’s computer. Unfortunately, when I tried to post it the internet did not to work. Now I don’t even remember what the blog was about and it probably doesn’t mean anything anymore anyway. Also, I really haven’t been doing much lately. There isn’t drama in my life, for which I am thankful. I don’t get mad often and I haven’t really had a strong opinion on anything lately. Life is basically going really well—grades could be better, but they can always be better. I have really been blessed.

I live on a street with a cul-de-sac (I don’t know how you spell that), which means little traffic. This allows my dog to be able to go in the front yard with out a leash. This is nice b/c she can run around free and it’s a change from the back yard. I live in a house that has a great looking kitchen, which pretty much makes the whole house cool. I have a great landlady and a great roommate. I am taking classes where I am actually learning and putting information away in my long term memory. It feels great to be able to access the information you learn in classes even after the test. I only have a year to graduation which means I will finally be able to take all those classes and the local Jr. college I have been dying to take (that may not make sense to everyone, but you can ask me sometime if you want an explanation.) I am doing really well.

For some reason or another though, there are still more things I want—that I feel are important enough to spend my hard earned money on. I think about these things every time I deposit money in the bank. The things I want are kind of vain and I know that they only matter temporally and don’t deserve so much thought or hours laboring to get them. To succeed in this world one must know how to play the game. I need/want these things do be able to compete. If I can’t compete I feel that I will not be able to do as much good. After all, if I am secure monetarily, physically, etc than I can spend my time and energies doing things that I feel are really important. Right? Well that is my rationalization for them any way. I look forward to the day when things that truly matter are the only things I need to think about. Or maybe I just haven’t progressed enough yet to realize that day can be today.

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