Friday, June 17, 2005


I am finally starting to enjoy my laziness. I am finally starting to be ok with myself even though I am less productive then at other times in my life. I forgot what summer feels like. SUMMER IS GREAT!!!!


Tiff said...

I'm jealous. Come to think of it - I am sleeping in later late - sometimes it isn't always the best if you set your own hours at one job.

Nessa said...

Laziness = Bliss

Aki said...

I love summer!!! Finally, no more school, do whatever you want to do!!!
Dikke knuffel!!!

Steven said...

i wish there was a summer vacation from work. nevertheless, summer is still great.

kat said...

mmm... the lazy dayz of summer.

Nama said...

i don't like how you're living your life
get yourself a wife
get yourself a job
you're living a dream
don't you be a SLOB!

that you weezer for the flash of inspiration

Tiff said...

Ahaha. Nama, that made me laugh.

Chester B. said...

Summer is indeed good.

Remember when we used to play hockey?

That was awesome.

Kirsten said...

nama: I acutally picked the title "SLOB" in reference to the weezer song-- you know a lot.