Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 4th

The 4th to me
= day of school/work whatever
= lots of food
= town fair/activities
= awesome town fireworks

I think the 4th may be one of those days where I completely forget why it's important with out reminder. So it was a good thing that while channel surfing I happened across the History channel. They were doing a spot on Ben Franklin. Then I remembered, oh yeah Independence Day, founding fathers, our own "free land." We should celebrate. We won war against England even considering their super power status at the time. Way to go US, we won a war against England!

So I was glad that I had come across this spot on the History Channel b/c it was going to tell me all the warm fuzzy ideals this war was about--- WRONG. The part of the presentation I stumbled across focused on Ben Franklin leaving his wife to die in the Americas while he had a mistress in England, his falling out with his son and his son's illegitimate child. Oh so this must be what America is all about, I've been mistaken all these years. And here I thought I might learn something inspiring instead of hearing about another American soap opera. This whole situation made me scowl.

I think I'll move to Australia. At least there they admit criminals started their country.


Kirsten said...

I really like my little sister. This is the title of her last blog (she is 13)
"school is dumb even though it is sposed to make you smart." oh the wisdom.

Nessa said...

Kids are supremely smart. I think I'm gonna move back to the Mother Land. I'm thinking about going to the UK when I'm done with school next fall.

Nama said...

i'm TOTALLY living in Europe when i grow up.

Tiff said...

Oh, you make me laugh. I totally agree.

Aki said...

ah, you all think living in Europe is that much fun?!? hihi I guess every country has it's own shit... you just don't hear about it untill you live there.
Greetings from Europe!! ;)

Chester B. said...

I dunno.
Although thoroughly accurate, the History Channel leaves a lot to be desired.

With all her sordid past, present, and, sadly, future, I'll take the good old U.S. of A.

In God we trust!

kat said...

part of the serendipity of america's independence was that it was brought about by such imperfect men.
i bet if you watched something on george washington or john adams you'd feel better.

Kirsten said...

thanks for your thoughts guys.
has anyone ever read "?? and terrible horrible no good very bad day?" he always says all his problems will be solved by moving to aussie :) i just figured my problems would be too. But I like the states.

kat said...

"alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day".
i love that book.

Nama said...


Tiff said...

My mother used to read it to me and I intend on investing in it for my children. :)

Tiff said...

Hey, where'd you go?