Monday, January 23, 2006


OK, lets get something strait here people. It is my pleasure to be able to offer you Mary Kay products at 40% off the month of your birthday. Not just one product, BUT ALL THE PRODUCTS YOU BUY THAT MONTH. Since I am only just begining my business I don't have all your birthdays entered into my data base yet. So please for your advantage and so I can wish you a happy birthday, please enter your birthdate in the comments so that you can take advantage of the FABULOUS opportunity of 40% MK products. Even if you think you have given it to me before. or if your birthday was last week and you think I should remeber, write your b-day in the comments. EVEN IF YOU ARE A BOY-- b/c there are BOY products and your wife, mother, significant other, may want something that you can get cheaper.

note:advertising to just anybody about this is illeagal, but since only my close friends check this, it's ok. But this offer does not apply to JUST anybody unless they are already my customer. But FYI becomeing my customer is quite easy email me if you want to become so

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