Wednesday, January 18, 2006

no other brand

Don't even think about using another brand, the more I learn about Mary Kay the more I like. I mean what other company would offer you a full refund if you USED a product and decided you didn't like it? not many. so guess what I decided to be a Mary Kay Consultant, and if you don't already have a personal beauty consultant, I would love to be yours. Check out my site:
So basically I think that everyone in the world should use Mary Kay b/c they are a company based on good principals, they are the #1 brand for the 11th year in a row, and it's cheaper than the other brands it compeats with. Other than that MK has helped out a lot so far. It's reminding me how much I like meeting new people and being with people, it's helping my self esteem, it's reminding me that I used to be a pretty out going confitdent person and that I can be that person again. So let's hear some whoohoos for me!!!!


Nama said...

eddie, you are simply fabulous! and i love you!

kat said...


Nessa said...

I'm proud of you baby!