Friday, January 27, 2006

Grandma comes to town

for a long time the plan after I graduate ahs been to move to Long Beach with my grandma, get a job and take care of her. Well when I decided to get married I got a little worried about this because what if he didn't like CA or my grandma, but he does and he does. problem solved. then I got really anxious when my grandma lost sight in her right eye and now has to wear a patch and grr like a pirate. We thought she would have to move to a home. BYeBye Ca and bye bye getting to spend more quality time with grams. BUT GUESS WHAT-- the nasty neighbor next door to her has bothered so much, she is packing up and moving to UTah. and I get a say in where we live, and now I don't feel as pressured to rush through school, and now I have have a party and all of you can come. I'll let you know when it is.
love, eddie


kat said...

that's fantastic!

Chester B. said...

Living with grandmas, and grandpas, rocks.

Glad to hear that you'll still be around in Utah!

Chester B. said...

Eddie, you were in my dream last night.
You asked to be called, "Jody."

It was bizarre.

Nessa said...

I love you.

Tiff said...

How are you?? I haven't heard from or seen you in awhile. Hope all is great. =)

Chester B. said...

Maybe she's just enjoying "newlywed-dom" too much. :)