Friday, November 23, 2007

hair spray

I find I really identify with Tracy from "Hairspray."  NO I've never seen it on the stage, so thank goodness for movies, bring the great show tunes to the poor folk (I doooo get to see the nutcracker for my birthday/christmas though).  

I think I even dreamed of dancing on TV as a youngun, much like "girls just want to have fun."  I also dreamed of being the star of a play.... TRACY would be PERFECT FOR ME!!!!  Why didn't we do this show when I was in HS?  or yeah probably because the rights would have been a lot.  

Thanks giving was great!  it was a lot of Andy's extended family.  I admit I kinda wish I had visited my extended family.  It hard to visit my extended family when Andy's family is right down the street.  Ah well.   HAVE a great weekend everybody, and wish me luck at a future interview I might/hope will be having :)


Eddie the Girl said...

oh and I started biting my nails again :( oh well.

Chester B. said...

Good luck with your interview!
What are you interviewing for?

so happy & felices said...

hey eddie! it's leanna...escobar! i still have never thanked you for organizing the was so fun to see everyone. thanks so much! i love your blog...i liked reading your are amazing! where are you going to nutcracker? that sounds like so much fun! love ya, leanna

Emily Allan Wood said...

Hi Eddie!!!

Dave&Casey said...

You are so cute! :o) We miss you, too! Babies do grow up too fast! I can't wait til U & Andy have a little one of your own! You will be great parents. I hope you two are doing well and are having a great new year, good luck with new job & school! I wouldn't trade places with ya! Ha ha! :o)

Love ya! :o)