Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Heritage Web Solutions: got laid off before x-mas. BOOOO!
Segullbook: My visiting teaching companion manages one. She hired me for two weeks for the x-mas holidays. some money is better than no money.
School: decided to go back to school full time, cuz that is what people do when they they are in my position. First day: Jan 3rd
UVSC Testing Center: This is where Andy used to work. They hired me. I start TODAY!!! 26 hours/week
Major: I don't know. I was international relations at BYU, but they don't have that at UVSC. soooooo ..... like I said I don't know.
Classes: Health 1100 (2 credits)-- this is a GE at UVSC they don't have at BYU, so I have to take it. Intro to Computer Science (3 credits)-- my dad would probably cry of happiness if I did computer science as a major. I may as well check it out. Intro to Digital Media(4 credits) -- I really thought it would be fun to design websites after working for a web design company. Intro to Graphic Design(3 credits)-- after working at kinkos it seems important that I have a basic knowledge of Adobe photoshop, illustrator, and Indesign... especially photoshop if I decide I want to design websites.
total- 12 credits.


Elizabeth and Russ said...

BOOO Heritage!! That is awful.
Good Luck with School!

Michelle and Matthew Williams said...

Sounds like you have some good classes lined up. I am taking Chem 111, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Psych 101. Somehow, I think your semester will be more fun than mine...


Thank you so much for the comments you leave in our blog.I would like to get your email address so I can invite you and Andy to see our blog.
Hope everything is going good with school.

Tiff said...'s it going?

PS Love you!

Michelle and Matthew Williams said...

I tagged you. Go to my blog for details.