Thursday, August 14, 2008

a little break and the crazy continues...

This last month and a half was a lot of me being anti-social. It was a lot of: Not hanging out with dear friends I adore, not reading and commenting on my friends and family's blogs, not much house work, not much facebooking, not much caring about others, not many family functions, AND WORST OF ALL telling Andy I wasn't going to hang out with him/being his party pooper (I ditched him when he went to see Andrew bird, who I would have ejoyed, etc.). I am admitting I've been selfish. Poor Andy. I've given little to anyone, especially in the beginning of AUG. And I can't say I feel good about that. But I do feel good I'll be starting the education program in a few weeks. That means I'll have my bachelors degree soon.

And after all that sacrifice this last little while, i got a lousy B+ in English.
the lowest grade I have received at UVU so far has been an A-. And now I have to face the ugly B+ on my transcripts from English 2020. I mean after all of my doing nothing in that English class, of procrastinating of turning in papers I wrote 3 years ago about political situations that have changed since then (good thing my English teacher doesn't know much about politics), after dragging my self to class every other day even though I wasn't learning anything.... frankly I DESERVED a C. I would rather have a C than a B+. I know backwards logic, but what does a B+ mean any way? (the website I stole the B+ graphic from is and when I saw the website name I told my self that is indeed what I need to do) None of this really matters I just feel stangely gypped.

In any rate I start school again aug 27th and I can't promise any better attendance to you my loyal friends and family who I feel I have neglected. and I am sorry, and I am going to at least try to be better.


Juliette said...

Yup, you've been REALLY busy, so I think everyone understands...Your logic about your grade is hilarious!

Nessa said...

Oh life. I think we all neglect our blogs as time goes on 'cuz life gets in the way! Don't sweat it, we all still love you!

the Escobars said...

eddie...we love you! i was so happy you called the other day. life at the intl center gets super busy end/beg of semesters...sorry i'm not the best to keep in touch. hope you're enjoying your vacation...i know ernesto wishes he could be playing instead of working during the break...but someone's gotta pay the bills...right? many credits are you taking in the fall? take care!

Emily A. W. said...

You anti-social punk.
(just teasing)
I missed you and noticed your absence. I'm glad you posted so we know you are still alive.
Woot Eddie!
Woot Education!

Tozansha said...

Sometimes we need a little anti-social times to get back to ourselves for then to reach out again! No worries Kirsten, we will always love you cause you are so you!