Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Utah Trikes: part one

Problem: my grandma can NOT get her mail
My grandmother lives in Spanish Fork Utah. Not too long ago Spanish Fork was a total HICK town. I mean there is a funny accent from there and everything. But with all the growth Utah has been having sub divisions have popped up there like MAD! My Grandma bought a house in one of them. I don't know who's bright idea this was, but they decided that in all these subdivisions that instead of getting mail delivered to your door, they would have a line of mail boxes and the end of the block something like the picture I've posted. I've heard of this in rural areas. It makes sense there. But in a regular neighborhood? I mean I have posted a plan of what her neighborhood looks like (in general) and it's a regular neighborhood where a mail carrier typically delivers mail door to door. My grandma is 82 years old and will probably be around a while longer, but she can not make it down to the end of the block with out resting multiple times. She has arthritis and it really pains her knees to do it. So for now she has accepted only being able to receive her mail about once a week when my aunt or I go by her house.( sometimes she has gone two weeks with out mail) Realize this means she can only mail things once a week too. So when it comes to bills, it makes things a little more stressful.
So this trike store opened up in Spanish Fork. My grandma, andy and I went to the above store to see if we could get my grandma an electric tricycle so that she can go down the street and get her mail. Yes that red tricycle with the big basket on the back is indeed the bike she wants. (Now tell me that is not the cutest thing you have ever seen. I think it's so cute I want one.) Only it would be powered electricly so she wouldn't have to pedal. People riding acutal bikes powered by something other than a Human pushing the pedals is not something new, it's just not seen as much in the US. But my grandma can't even walk to the end of her block so she probably couldn't ride a bike down there either, so she wants the above bike electricly powered.
Problem: Gas Prices
With gas prices and the current economy EVERYONE wants an electric powered bike. So the motor for the bike is back ordered for months. So my grandma is waiting for the store to get a motor in and mentions frequently that she hopes they get some in soon. My grandma is upset about the mail situation. We've tried calling the post office but they pretty much refuse to make an exception. Now I know there are other ways my grandma could get her mail, but she is pretty stubborn and wants to to things HERSELF. ahh well it looks like I may have to go back to the post office and fight this one out.


Juliette said...

That is a really cool bike. I like the roomy basket in the back. Could be very handy for grocery shopping.

Nessa said...

Almost all of the neighborhoods in Arizona have mailboxes like that. It's to cut down on mail/identity theft, use less gas, and it's easier for the postal workers. They should be making accommodations for your Grandma.. what about the Americans with Disabilities Act? Can you use that somehow? Do they make accommodations for disabled people? If not, they could be sued. Look in to it.

p.s. I really want that bike.

Emily A. W. said...

I have a friend that lives in Spanish Fork. If they live near there I am sure she would be glad to pick up the mail every few days...there's got to be a neighbor down there who would do it for her! For pete's sake..its Spanish Fork...the land of the nice people..isn't it?

P.S. Building a motor to power a bike would be easy...if you know anyone that is electrically/mechanically inclined it would be a breeze.