Thursday, November 06, 2008

i said on facebook the other day it wasn't over....

...and it's not

Protests at the LA Temple: st7-2008nov07,0,3827549.story.

Planned Protests in SLC

People don't just give up on things they feel are their rights.

On a furthar note:

"Before it accepted the invitation to join broad-based coalitions for the amendments, the Church knew that some of its members would choose not to support its position. Voting choices by Latter-day Saints, like all other people, are influenced by their own unique experiences and circumstances. As we move forward from the election, Church members need to be understanding and accepting of each other and work together for a better society."


Juliette said...

It's sad that it has become such a conflict.

Nessa said...

I don't support Prop 8 or 102 here in Arizona. I have been saddened to see so many members of the church caught up in lies and helping to spread them. Here in AZ, domestic partnerships are not recognized and many people seem to think that they are. Why is everyone so up in arms over semantics? I understand and believe in the sacredness of marriage, and I also know that temple marriage is protected and as long as the separation of church and state remains intact, no one needs to worry about people trying to sue to be married there. It's not going to happen. The ads about protecting religious freedom should be condemned, not made by church members because they spread hateful hateful lies. No one is threatening religious freedom and many gay people and straight people like myself feel betrayed by the Church for getting so involved. It's one thing to make a public statement about the Church's viewpoint, quite another to tell us how to vote. I have two gay siblings and I will never vote in such a way that will deny them any civil right. Never ever.