Wednesday, November 05, 2008

last night

I'll be honest last night was interesting for me. 1st of all we don't have TV. So the internet was my only source of info. It's good info too. I found my self constantly refreshing pages to see what the different news sources were saying. CNN, KSL, Guardian, refresh, refresh, refresh, where the heck can I watch where the Utah colleges exit poll is broadcasting? KBYU doesn't broad cast online grrrr. Refresh refresh reafresh, call my in-laws, "what are the saying on TV." Call my parents "what is going on over there?"

When CNN predicted a Utah McCain Majority I wasn't surprised.... but I was confused when the percentage results would say 54% Obama 42% McCain or whatever. What the HECK WAS GOING ON??? then it would change to like 49% Obama 49% McCain. WAIT WHAT??? You see I have this hope that Utah will change. That it wont be so incredibly republican. I think the best things happen when there is a diverse pool of ideas. T me having such an over whelming republican state means there isn't a lot of diverse ideas. This of course isn't entirely true. There are differeing ideas with in the republican party (and we have a libretarians, constitutionalists etc.) hopfully you know what I mean. Back to my point... when I was watching these precentages my hope was totally blossoming... maybe you Utah will change maybe the gap between republican and democrat will lessen. But in the back of my mind I knew, only 30% of precints have reported, only 50% of precents have reported, the pecentages i was reading didn't mean anything.

And now, 63% McCain 34% Obama 99% precincts reported. Utah hasn't changed. Or has it? The Utah Elections Office (which I acutally worked a little with when I interned for the Utah Lt. Govener-- elections office in Utah falls under the leadership of the Lt. Gov) reports the 2000 Results as 67% (r) 26 % (d). SO at first glance I get the hope again, "whoa more ppl voted democrat in this (2008) election." But there is more to look at then just presidential votes. What about votes for state representative? so much data to look at and analyze. I am sure tons of Utah political science majors will write research papers on the topic, no need for me too, I'll just read what they write.


Juliette said...

I agree, diversity is nice. And you will be proud to know that I voted for republicans AND democrats. My mom does a straight republican vote everytime. She even wanted to have my brother call me to make sure I was voting for the "right" presidential canidate, lol. I felt like I was fifteen again.

Juliette said...

PS I love your page banner. It's so cool!