Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I may have mentioned this before, or maybe just to some people, but I really want to get an internship for next year. However, only 35 people are accepted and there are approximately 180 students in the teaching program.

With an internship I would finish my third semester of classes in the summer (instead of taking no classes) then instead of student teaching the fourth semester I would teach for a year earning half salary and benefits. This would be awesome because Andy could quit his job and start full time on his masters a year sooner scratch that... I would be getting paid to do what I would be doing at school anyway. I don't apply for the internship until march or April which is still 4-5 months away.

Yesterday the Vice Principal (VP) at the school we are doing our field experience at asked my teaching partner and I if we were hoping for an internship next year. My partner said YES! and the VP followed up with, "Well, we think you two are doing a good job, so don't blow the interview."

UVU, the university I attend, has no say in who gets to do the internship. This means I can't ride on the fact that some of my teachers might find me wonderful (dang it... all that brown nosing for nothing). It all comes down to an interview with the district... I am going to start practising ....

"You want to choose ME for the internship because...."

The thing I have a hard time with, is that if I get hired that means I was chosen and my other classmates weren't.


Juliette said...

That's really cool what the VP said! I really hope you get the internship, and if you do, enjoy it guilt-free, because I believe things happen for a reason.

Tozansha said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!! I really hope you get this internship cause you deserve it!

kat said...

is there any way you can blackmail or bribe your way into the internship? you should always take blackmailing and bribery options into consideration.