Friday, December 05, 2008


Once upon a time I lived in Belgium and noticed some things were different

• you have to pay to use the toilet
you put milk in the fridge after the milk is opened Milk is kept on the shelf before it is opened.
• french fries originated in BELGIUM and you eat them with mayonnaise
• chocolate is a breakfast food
• waffles are a afternoon treat

Then my good friend from Belgium got a job in the US and came to visit me and I found out some other things are different, that I didn't notice before

• Belgians don't eat a lot of turkey, which brings a whole new meaning to my host parents saying, "you really like turkey!"
• Belgian bread does not contain sugar. way to go america lets add sugar to everything even stuff that doesn't need it.
• Belgians don't have cream cheese, cheddar cheese, provelone (apparently these are American Cheeses)
• Belgians don’t have anything Mint Chocolate
Me: I am going to make mint brownies
Belgian Friend: EWWWW Yuck. Mint does not go with chocolate.
Me: wait what? you mean you don’t eat mint chocolate in Belgium? (no)

How did I manage to miss that one?


Juliette said...

That's pretty funny. I love learning about other cultures. Yeah, I remember paying to use the restroom...Israel has milk in bags.

Dennis said...

haha, yeah, you learn about the littlest things after a while. You also can't find plain whipped cream cheese in Belgium...

Tozansha said...

LOL, cause chocolate is soooo good you don't need the mint in it!
Often waffles and pancakes are just for special occasions like birthdays or after a cold day outside you go to a bistro and have warm pancakes with hot chocolate! mmmmmm

I made potatobread yesterday! And it didn't fail this time! No sugar, no butter just plain bread! LOL

kat said...

in my country, chocolate is always a breakfast food. with or without mint, there's no discrimination.

Tim Jungbluth said...

Putting milk in the fridge after being opened is absolutely mandatory, indeed... Leaving the tetrapack on the side would just be an open invitation to my scavenging cats from hell :-)

And mint doesn't go together with anything, I think... maybe as an icecream flavour, but certainly not with chocolate :-)